Presentations kit

Your presentation will be held live at the conference; here are some materials and hints that will get you up and running in no time...

Duration of your presentation

Your presentation should be short in order to keep your audience engaged:

  • max. 8 minutes for full papers, 4 minutes for short papers.
  • You are welcome to keep it much shorter, however - keep in mind that the presentation is not the beef but the beef advertisement: Put forward your main ideas and results, the audience will read the full details in your paper.
  • Hint: holding a test presentation will help reduce your presentation time and furthermore improves the quality of your talk.

Presentation Templates

SimAUD does not require you to adhere to a specific template. You may take your own slide templates, or use one of the ones listed below:

Template black - 16:9 (preferred)

Template black - 4:3
Template white - 16:9 (preferred)

Template white - 4:3

Graphical Material

You may also use the following SimAUD-related graphics in your own presentations (right-click, choose "Save Image..."):

SimAUD2021 banner
SimAUD2021 header with HUMAN+
SimAUD2021 header without HUMAN+
SimAUD2021 header (grid and HUMANs+)
only HUMANs+
SimAUD City (black, white background)
SimAUD City (black, transparent background)
SimAUD City (white, transparent background)
SimAUD City (grey, transparent background)


If you have any further suggestions or another clever idea, please don't hesitate to contact the organizers [gabriel (dot) wurzer (at)] so we can include that into this page.