Azam Khan

Trax.GD & University of Toronto

Lecture Title: SimAUD Grand Challenge: A Decade of Action

Azam Khan is Co-founder & CEO of http://Trax.GD developing an urban simulation and visualization platform. He founded SimAUD and is Adjunct Professor at University of Toronto. He has held positions at Autodesk Microsoft and Adobe.

Bige Tunçer

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Lecture Title: Data Driven Design to Design Driven Data

Bige Tunçer is professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design leading the Informed Design Lab focused on data driven architectural & urban design. She leads multidisciplinary projects in evidence informed design, IoT & big data.

Christina Hopfe

TU Graz

Lecture Title: The dilemmas of decision making

Christina Hopfe is full Professor in Building Physics at TU Graz. She is a Fellow of the HEA, CIBSE, and IBPSA. She is a Director-at-Large of IBPSA and the chair of the communication committee.

Ardeshir Mahdavi

TU Wien

Lecture Title: Bringing HIM closer to HER

Ardeshir Mahdavi is an internationally acclaimed expert in Building Physics, Computational Modelling, and Human Ecology. He has authored over 700 scientific publications and supervised over 60 doctoral students.