The conference takes place at Delft University of Technology. The TU Delft campus is one of the largest universities campus in the world, with about 27.000 people travelling across it every day. The campus offers an outstanding number of facilities and is organized as a park, mostly accessible on foot, by bike, or public transport. It includes unique buildings designed by internationally reputed architectural firms, such as the Central Library by Mecanoo. You may have a look at the campus' map. The conference is hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, and mostly takes place within the Faculty's building. The Faculty was established in 1904. Currently, it counts about 3000 students and hundreds of staff members. It has an international leading role in education and research, being raked in top positions. The 2017 QS World University Rankings by Subject, listed the Faculty as third worldwide. The Faculty's building is named BK-city and is located at the edge of the campus, adjacent to the city center of Delft and well connected to it. BK-city is a recently renewed building, transformed into a stylish 36,000 square meters space for studios, workshop rooms, CNC facilities, research labs, own library, conference rooms, cafe, restaurant and other facilities. The building includes exceptional spaces by famous architectural firms, such as the Tribune of the Orange Hall by MVRDV. The video below offers a sneak peek into the building. You may also have a look at its map and general guide.